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MONO/POLY's 2016 musical offering, "Cryptic" [HNR58], a nine-track EP of sterling sound design. The dense yet dynamic 30-minute album is predominated by MONO/POLY's striking instrumental productions, with exception of the stunner "Nocturne", which features the haunting vocals of Seven Davis Jr. (and guest bass by Thundercat).

Available on limited-edition marbled green 12" vinyl (only 400qty pressed), housed in a black dust sleeve inside a screenprinted cardboard jacket.

A1. Shapeshift (3:53)
A2. Crypto Bell (2:15)
A3. Drop Down (1:41)
A4. Intergalactic (2:46)
A5. Raw Power Moves (1:51)

B1. The Fuckin' Real (2:45)
B2. Flooded (4:55)
B3. Nocturne [ft. Seven Davis Jr.] (6:00)
(Total Running Time: 26 minutes)

All Songs Produced by Mono/Poly
Written by C. Dickerson / Published by Mono/Poly Media (ASCAP), except "Nocturne" Written by C. Dickerson & S. Davis Jr / Published by Mono/Poly Media (ASCAP) & Domino Publishing Company Ltd.
Bass on "Nocturne" & "The Fuckin' Real" by Thundercat.
Design by Brandy Flower

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